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Every business requires legal counsel on both an as-needed and continual basis. BLOC is a network of attorneys with a desire to service small business owners like yourself. So that you can spend time doing what you love and growing your business, we are your on-call team keeping your business safe and operable.

If you need the legal aspect of your company to work as hard as you do, Bloc is here for you. From the initial vision of your business all the way through to monthly legal needs once you’re up, running and established, we have a phase of offerings for you. By becoming a Bloc Member, you'll reap the benefits of professional, legal counsel who are on-hand and readily available to chat or take on any legal need that arises. 

BLOC Legal Services, LLC

1901 Elm Street Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75201

214.123.4567 (Office)

214.123.4568 (Fax)

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