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Too little time to get it all done?


The not-so-fun aspects of small business ownership taking you away from what you love most?

When it’s just you or a small team, doing it all is a huge undertaking. Part of being a successful entrepreneur or solopreneur is knowing when and what to delegate so you can get more accomplished and devote time where you shine.


Put a stop to the distractions taking you away from your passion & areas of confidence and entrust the Bloc team of lawyers for your legal needs.

Your Business Lawyer.  On Call.

Personal Approach

We offer advice from the big picture viewpoint rather than individual contract based.


Give us a call anytime you have something to review or just have simple questions. We’ll help walk you through the next steps. 


We’re able to offer a big picture assessment of your legal needs at discounted pricing packages.


With over 20 years of experience, you can comfortably rely on Bloc's bench of attorneys.


Your Business Lawyer. On Call.


We have helped 100s of businesses get through the legal hurdles that owners were not aware they needed.  We are here to make your journey an exciting experience as well as a safe one.


You Don't Have to Be!

A lot of startups go in with a whole checklist of things they need to do before they can get funded, but they don’t have the money that’s needed to really do it right. Until now.



What is BLOC

BLOC is a prepaid debit card of high-end legal service for business owners and entrepreneurs

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